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Precision Plastic Machining.

I&P started precision machine Perspex Acrylic and Rohm Plexiglas in 2008 and has over 14 years of experience in precision plastic machining. We produce CNC precision machined plastic components in various engineering-grade plastics including: 

Although there is no definitive meaning of precision plastic machining, we see it as accurately and repeatedly producing challenging parts in terms of geometry, tight tolerances, finishes and optical clarity when required. Meeting these requirements on a daily basis requires high-performance machines and tools, experience, robust and efficient processes, and a culture of accepting only the highest quality.

The Process

Precision machining plastics is very different to machining metals, and requires a very different approach in terms of tools selection, cutting paths, number of passes, cutting speeds, pecking, reaming and multiple other factors.

Throughout the machining processes, we also conduct many first-off inspections and annealing cycles to ensure quality is built into and maintained in all components. 

When dealing with transparent plastics such as Acrylic / Plexiglas / Lucite (PMMA) Or PolyCarbonate, any minor errors or marks are immediately visible, so visual inspection stages are built into the process at multiple points. 

Final Inspection

For the final inspection, we use a mix of gauges, Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), Machine vision systems, stencil templates, bespoke inspection and test equipment are used to ensure 100% conformance to specification.

In addition to specialising in Perspex Acrylic / Rohm Plexiglas / Lucite (PMMA), Carville also heat treat and machine components in a wide range of engineering plastics.

These include many standard engineering-grade plastics such as polycarbonate or high-performance materials such as UItem (PEI) or PEEK. I&P are experts in a versatile range of techniques and methods of Precision Plastic Machining.

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