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Inspiring the
Future with
Precision Engineering


Simple Solutions for
Complex Engineering.


Advance Manufacturing Facilities

At I&P, we use advanced equipment and offer cutting-edge manufacturing solutions such as material processing, turning, milling, and precision grinding.


Innovative Automation and Assembly Capabilities

I&P is strongly capable in developing a reliable machine for customized assembly solutions.


Quality Assurance & Control

As an ISO 9001:2015 registered precision engineering company, we emphasize on high-quality products and solutions to help businesses with greater confidence. I&P is equipped with the necessary technology to conduct quality checks.


Design & Programming

Our experienced team helps to design solutions that meet the requirements and to achieve the desired quality and precision.


Dedicated Professional Service Team

Whether is it a large-scale project or ad-hoc requests, we take the utmost care with each and every job by our dedicated service team.


Plastic, Metal and Copper Manufacturing

We have specialized capabilities tailored made towards plastic, copper and metal manufacturing to achieve your needs.


Dedication, Commitment & Trusted Experience.

I&P serves a diverse range of industries including semiconductor manufacturer, automotive, lighting, OEM and more. From prototyping, manufacturing and to assembly,

I&P takes pride in the dedication and commitment through its excellent service, timely response and delivery.

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of Experience.

Core Industry Strengths

I&P strategically positions itself as an integrated precision engineering service provider with cross-segment capabilities. With over a decade of industry experience, I&P is at the forefront of complex precision engineering for some of the leading innovators in the following main industries:

I&P started precision machine Perspex Acrylic and Rohm Plexiglas in 2008 and has over 14 years of experience in precision plastic machining. We produce CNC precision machined plastic components in various engineering-grade plastics.

I&P has the most innovative machining technologies that help the semiconductor industry which requires precise components and subassemblies.

I&P is highly experienced working with leaders in the automotive industries by providing quality metal precision solutions matching today’s market demand.

I&P is committed to provide engineering and manufacturing services for medical devices or key components. All solutions provided are precise, safe and with an unprecedented quality for the medical market.

Following the latest oil and gas market standards, I&P produces precise components for some of the leading oil and gas leaders using quality materials while ensuring end-products are ISO compliance.

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